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Risk Assessment

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Understanding and managing risk is an integral part of successful investing. Feel free to ask more questions or seek personalized advice – we’re here to assist you in navigating the world of investments and risk assessment! Keep an eye out on the Money & Advice website for timely insider insights and investment advice.

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Risk assessment is like having a roadmap for your financial journey. It helps you understand the potential risks associated with your investments, allowing you to make informed decisions. By assessing risk, you can align your investments with your goals and comfort level.

Think of your risk tolerance as your financial personality. It’s influenced by factors like your age, financial goals, and how well you can handle market fluctuations. A simple way to assess it is by asking yourself, “How would I feel if my investments lost value temporarily?” We’ll help you find your comfort zone.

There are various risks, such as market risk (fluctuations in the market), credit risk (default by issuers of bonds or loans), and inflation risk (erosion of purchasing power). We’ll break them down for you and explain how they impact your investments.

Absolutely! Managing risks involves diversifying your portfolio, setting realistic expectations, and periodically reviewing and rebalancing your investments. It’s a bit like driving a car; you check the mirrors and adjust your speed as needed to stay safe on the road. We’ll help you with the financial equivalent.

Regular check-ins are crucial. Life circumstances and financial goals can change, so it’s a good idea to reassess your risk tolerance and portfolio alignment at least once a year or whenever there are significant life changes. Think of it as fine-tuning your financial strategy to stay on course.

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